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Infinieon offers a highly professional company formation and administration service from a broad range of international financial centers spanning Oceania & Pacific, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, North & South Americas, and Asia. With a full range of supporting corporate services, we can help you easily manage your company during your operation.

Our company formation packages include a complete set of all the necessary documentation to start your business and open a corporate bank account. We offer competitive prices, multilingual staff, full confidentiality, and support from day one.

With offices in the major financial jurisdictions and a full service offering, we can incorporate on a daily basis and will assist in guiding you on the necessary procedures to comply with local requirements ensuring that your company is ready to operate in the most efficient manner. Jurisdictions in which we can incorporate companies (others on request):

  • Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, China)

  • Africa (Seychelles; Mauritius)

  • Caribbean Region (Belize; BVI; St. Vincent)

  • Europe (UK; Malta)

  • North &South America (Panama, Nevis)

  • Oceania & Pacific lslands (Australia; New Zealand; Marshall; Vanuatu)

  • Shelf Companies


Infinieon has developed a banking network and expertise which enables us to assist our clients through the account application for all companies we register. Obviously, the final decision to open an account lies with the bank, but our clients’ account opening success rate is excellent.

With our yearly experience in the field, we are able to select banks that are secure, provide excellent services, as well as numerous banking facilities (e-banking, credit cards, letters of credit, etc.).

In addition, other important characteristics are studied before selecting a bank, such as:

  • Political and economic stability of the country where the bank is located.

  • Bank service conditions (fees, minimum deposit, etc).

  • Excellent reputation of the institution.

  • Wide range of financial products offered.

Our professional status as "International Corporate Service Provider" and our signing of a good conduct charter makes us a welcomed introducer in the eyes of financial establishments in general.

As a result of this, opening an account and managing the dossier are much simplier, we send the banking file directly to our clients. Bank account opening by correspondence is also possible for many of banks with whom we work.


Our experienced global team is equipped with a toolbox of analysis methods and simulation techniques. Pairing these with our extensive worldwide networks, we offer best in class support to our clients throughout the process of an acquisition or the establishment of a joint venture.

We help our clients improve their odds of successful M&A with an integrated approach linking acquisition strategy, due diligence, and merger integration. Our extensive experience in cross-border transactions and partnership set-up allows us to realize client goals using structured, customized support. After a successful transaction or set-up, we stay on board as a local resource to provide any needed operational-level advice and support in order to capture synergies and ensure a smooth transition process.

In addition to our knowledge in the area, we also have an extensive network of local companies seeking investment opportunities in foreign markets such as Europe and the US. Our client portfolio covers a wide variety of industry sectors and we frequently work to pair European or US companies with local investors, working to support in facilitating their deals.

At Infinieon, we offer a hands-on approach for our clients throughout the entire process to ensure successful results.

  • Partner and target evaluation

  • Operational and Financial due diligence

  • Legal permits and administration

  • M&A advisory

  • Joint Venture set-up

  • Post-merger integration

  • Divestures and separations

  • Fund raising

  • Partner search and evaluation

  • Set up of meetings and introduction

  • Selection of most suitable business partner

  • Negotiation with the highest potential strategic business partners

  • Risk management and mitigation strategy


If your company is ready to explore new markets, Infinieon is there to help. Our international expansion specialists know what it takes to realize your full potential in today’s global economy. Accessing a new region is, however, a challenging and complex undertaking. New entrants face an array of challenges, from inadequate market data and sales channels to complex legal systems and different business cultures. Establishing an operation in a new market can be an expensive and time-consuming process with a steep learning curve.

Infinieon mitigates these challenges for clients to enable smooth access to these markets. Our processes leverage a wide range of tools minimizing the risks and challenges while maximizing our client’s returns.

We help our clients achieve their growth goals by facilitating the smoothest transition possible in market penetration, diversifications into new market segments and launching of new product categories.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients achieve access to their targeted markets and reach their desired market shares.

  • Market Research

  • Market and consumer insights

  • Feasibility Study

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Go-to-market step-by-step implementation roadmap

  • Market Expansion Strategy

  • Legal Set-up and Registration Support

  • Partner and distributor search and evaluation

  • Product Suitability assessment

  • Acquisition support

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